10 Ways Junk Food Is Like Street Drugs - Part 1

When people come to my Orem chiropractic office, one of things I suggest people do is keep a diet diary, where they write down everything they eat and drink. What I've found from reviewing hundreds, if not thousands, of diet diaries is that very few people eat very well. Whether it's due to time, money or know how, most people eat a lot of junk.junk food additiction Orem chiropractor

Could there be another reason?

Actually there is and it may be the most difficult reason to overcome.

We're addicted. Just like heroin or cocaine addicts. We're addicted to sugar and junk foods.

Here are 10 ways  junk food is like street drugs:

1. Junk food floods the brain with dopamine. Dopamine is brain chemical that makes us feel good. It's your brain's way of saying "you're awesome!"

This is why hard drugs are so addicting. They flood the brain with dopamine. Junk food does the same thing.

2. Junk food leads to cravings. Because of the affects on the brain, the body starts to crave the foods that produce that result.

3. The same areas of the brain that are turned on from hard drugs are turned on by junk food. Using fMRI studies hard drugs are found to turn on certain parts of the brain. Using fMRI studies it has been found that junk food turns on the same regions of the brain.

4. Over time the body builds tolerance. Over time a drug addict needs more and more of his drug to get the same affect.

The same thing happens with junk food. You eat something with a lot sugar and it feels so good. So you do it again, except it doesn't give the same feel good, so you eat a little more and then get it.

Over time instead of eating one piece of candy a person ends up eating a Giant Size  candy bar and Monster size soda to get the same feel good that they previously got from the single piece of candy.

5. Binging A drug addict will binge on his drug and people do the same with food. Eating until they are beyond "stuffed." Vowing to never do that again, just like an alcoholic.

I'll finish this list later this week.

I'd be curious to know what you think. Is junk food like hard drugs? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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