A Bald Guy Confesses to His Razor Blades & Shaving Soap

As a guy who is currently bald, mostly by choice, I've got a confession to make.  The truth of my baldness goes back to my college days.  It was 1994 and I was attending Parker College in Dallas, Texas.  Before attending school in Dallas, I grew up in the great state of Michigan and thus became a fan (which is short for fanatic) of the University of Michigan football team.  It is this fanaticism that lead to my baldness. As of 2011 I'm a 40 something guy, which means I grew up in the 70's & 80's.  This is significant because one thing we loved in the 70's and 80's was our hair and the bigger the better.  This is evident in the fact that there is a genre of music referred to as "hair bands."

It is with this great love of my hair and all my hair products that I entered my second year at Parker College.  It is here that something truly cruel happened.  One of my clinical professors happened to be a graduate of ohio state university.  (The lack of capitalization is intentional) Somehow he learned I was from Michigan.  So, a friendly banter between us began.  This continued until the third week in November, the traditional date of the Michigan vs ohio state football game.

This professor happened to have a large handlebar mustache that we as students made fun of and made jokes about.  So these events all came together the second week of November in 1994 and we made a bet about the football game - his mustache against my hair.

If you haven't figured it out already - I lost and lost bad - 22-6.  This particular class was only once a week so I had this hanging over my head until the following Friday and he shaved my head in front of the whole class.

In the classroom we used shears without any guard.  So this "buzzed" me, but didn't leave me bald.  Not really caring for the "buzzed look" and Michael Jordan popularizing the "bald look" I decided to shave my head.

So, the truth is I didn't really choose to be bald, I loved my hair.   Now, it's 2011 and I've been using razor blades and shaving soap on my head for seventeen years.

To my razor blades & shaving soap I confess, you weren't my first choice, but now I love shaving my head and I can't imagine taking the time to style my hair and spending money on hair products.

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