Back Pain and Sitting

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Recently I had a patient ask me, “why does my back hurt so much after sitting for long periods?”

Part of my work is writing notes and reports and doing the administrative tasks of running a business and and much of that is done sitting at a computer. So I’m going to show you some simple things to do to reduce your back pain after sitting.

Sitting is actually a highly stressful activity for your back. When you stand your body weight is distributed down your legs. When you’re sitting all that weight is placed on the lower back and hips. Not to mention most people when they sit are either slouching or leaning forward. This slowly inhibits your vestibular and cerebellar systems, making the muscles around your spine weaker and tighter at the same time, combine that with the increased pressure on your spine while sitting and your back starts to hurt.

The bad news is this isn’t something that you can do nothing and it will eventually go away because doing nothing is what caused it. Doing nothing is going to progressively make it worse.

The good news is that people in my care almost always get resolution of their pain leading to doubling their energy and focus. 

Stand up, put one foot in front of the other with your heel and toe touching. If you can balance like that, then do it with your eyes closed. Do you get more wobbly with eyes closed? I’m guessing you did. Balance and posture connected. If balance is bad, posture is bad. Bad posture leads to more pain and remembering to sit up straight isn’t the answer. To help you improve your posture without having to “remember to sit up straight,” we’re going to have you improve your balance, which will improve your posture and help lessen your pain.

Stand next to a wall so you can catch yourself in necessary. Stand on one foot and close your eyes. Hold this for a minimum of 10 seconds. Do each foot 3 times. Do this multiple times a day. This will improve your balance, leading to better posture and less pain.

Share this with your spouse, your friend or that guy at work who could really use this.

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