Back Pain From Sitting? Try Ergonomic Office Chairs

Unless you have a job in construction, maintenance, or manufacturing you've probably got a job that you sit for several hours a day. If that is true for you, you should find value in this sponsored post from ergonomic office chairs, where in I will discuss proper sitting and avoiding back pain from too much sitting.

After work add in driving, dinner, lounging and all of a sudden you're sitting a large portion of your waking hours.

If you're sitting right now STOP! Now carefully examine how you're sitting.

Checklist for healthy back sitting:

1.  Sit with your legs uncrossed and ankles in front of your knees. 2.  Feet firmly on floor.  Get a foot stool or phone book to rest your feet on if you can't touch. 3.  Your legs should angle downwards from your hips to your knees so that your ankles are below your hips. 4.  Make sure back of knees are not touching the seat. 5.  Adjust the backrest to support the curve of your lower back.  If you don't have an adjustable back rest you can use something as simple as a rolled up towel or small pillow in the curve of your lower back. 6.  Make a point to get up and move around regularly.  Once an hour would be ideal.  Make a point to be out of your chair for ten minutes for every fifty minutes of sitting.

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