Being Self Sufficient With Solar Panels

The last few years I've developed an interest in backpacking and wilderness survival.  To me there is great adventure in going out somewhere in the world where I wouldn't see anyone else for extended times and being totally dependent upon myself for survival. In this sponsored post I will be writing about solar panels, becoming more independent and self sufficient.

My interest in survival skills has grown as I've subscribed to backpacker magazine and planned epic adventures around the wilderness areas of our country.  Unfortunately, I'll probably never take half the trips I've planned, but I'm going to get continue to prepare and maybe I'll get to the some of them.

In my research into wilderness survival skills I also came across information on survival skills in the event of disasters and just living more self sufficiently. I've read about turning my yard into a small farm.  As a side note this I think would be fun.  When I look at all the green grass here in Utah and all the water it takes to keep those lawns green I wonder if it isn't a waste of resources, but I digress.

The other thing I found to be particularly interesting is solar panels.  The ability to harness sunlight, turn it into electricity and be independent of power companies I think is a good thing.  Not that I'm looking to live off the land any time soon, but I would enjoy knowing how should the need arise.

B2BDr Ned