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As the best chiropractor in Orem Utah I need to share why chiropractic works for so many different conditions. chiropractor in orem brain based therapy

Everything that happens in our bodies is started, controlled, monitored, and completed by nerves. That means that every time I wiggle my toes, stretch my arms, or chew gum those body parts are sending information to the brain.

If you're like me and you're on your way home to visit your mom, what do you do? You send text messages throughout your travel home and let your her know where you are and  what's happening with your travel.

For example,

"Hey mom, just got to the airport. Should be boarding soon."

"Just landed"

"I'm in the parking lot now. Just got in the car. I'll be on my way soon."

"Just made my last stop for gas. I'll see you in less than an hour."

As we make our way home we give our mom updates.

That's what the body does for the brain for in everything it does. "Just moved big toe, it's at a forty five degree angle."

Etc, etc.

Most of this information comes from joints and muscles, in fact 90% of the input into the brain comes from nerve endings called proprioceptors in our joints and muscles.

It wouldn't be news to anyone to say that the brain is a super computer that runs the body. It might be a surprise to some to learn that the body runs the brain.

This input from the body to the brain is actually fuel for the brain.

In his book Brain Rules, John Medina gives an explanation for why this is true.

The significance is that there are lots of things in life that take motion away from our joints and muscles.

The more movement we lose the more problem solving, planning and attention we lose. Also, the more movement we lose the more pain we will have.

What do chiropractors do? Give joints and muscles movement.

That's why it feels good and does so much good for you.

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