Best Orem Chiropractor Discusses Tech Neck In Teenagers

In this post, the best Orem chiropractor discusses tech neck in teenagers. best orem chiropractor tech neck The average teenager spends five thousand hours on their mobile device annually.

Unfortunately, points are not the only thing that they lose being hunched over the screen.

We call this Tech Neck. Looking down at a screen can put as much as sixty pounds of pressure on the neck and shoulders.

Want to give that a dose of reality? Get a shoulder strap from a bag or piece of luggage and loop four milk jugs full of water through each end. Now pick that up by putting the strap around the back of your neck. That's what your teens are doing to themselves everytime they stare down at a screen.

Done long enough you turn off your ability to hold your head up so the slumped head and shoulders become the new normal and sitting up straight isn't going to bring back your ability to do it right.

The problem isn't only back, neck and shoulder pain. Researchers have discovered other problems associated with head forward posture like restricted breathing, dizziness and balance disorders, constipation, headaches, obstructive sleep apnea, numbness and early onset decay and degeneration of the spine.

So the next time you're on a mobile device hold it in front of your face so you can keep your chin up and your shoulders back and down.

How much time do you spend on a hand held device looking down? Let me know in the comments.

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