Body Cleanse Experience of Orem Chiropractor

When I decided to go to chiropractic school in the late eighty's and early ninety's I knew, as a chiropractor, I would be a non traditional health care provider.  I was okay with that.  But I saw myself more like a podiatrist or a doctor of optometry.  When I made that decision I didn't realize how much "weird" stuff there was in alternative health care. Once I started in practice I was approached by many different people peddling different products, each promising itself as the solution to a number of problems.  Many I tried.  Some I would consider good, others not so much.

Based on the constant "encouragement" of a friend I tried a body cleanse . This cleanse required one to not eat for three days.  In the morning I was to drink sixteen ounces of prune juice.  Every hour on the hour I was to drink eight ounces of apple juice.  Every hour on the half hour I was to drink eight ounces of water.

Surprisingly, hunger wasn't much of an issue, other than the social reasons.  I'm sure that was because of all the calories I was taking in with the apple juice.  After three days I was defiantly feeling the effects of not eating, because I lost almost ten pounds.

To this day, I'm uncertain what and if there are benefits, but that discussion is outside the purpose of this post.

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