Orem Chiropractor Discusses Brain Lateralization, Pain, Dizziness and Insomnia

Orem Chiropractor Explains Brain Lateralization & How It Leads to Pain, Dizziness & Insomnia How does Brain lateralization happen?

Before you read this entry please go back and read the first in this series, What is Brain Lateralization. The information in this release won’t have any meaning without first reading it.

Understanding how brain lateralization occurs also depends on an understanding that our brain and nervous system is a receptor driven system. Receptors are the nerve endings throughout our body that sense a given stimulus. For example, our taste buds are receptors. They sense sweet, salty and bitter. We have receptors in our skin that sense temperature. We have millions of these receptors throughout our body, each sensing a particular thing. They receptors then deliver their information through nerves, then into the spinal cord and finally up to the brain. The brain then processes all of this information and responds accordingly. So our brain is stimulated by and acts based on the information that it receives from the body.

There are three things that the brain needs to be healthy and to work correctly. It needs food, oxygen, and stimulation.

Brain lateralization occurs when the brain does not receive proper amounts of these three things.

Clinical experience has taught me that a lack of stimulation combined with insufficient oxygen and or nutrition is the typical cause.

If there are millions of receptors in the body, each all of them sending stimulation into the brain, how does a lack of stimulation occur? Unfortunately, quite easily. The three scenarios that this occurs are physical, chemical and mental stresses. When one of these stresses is big enough or goes on long enough it causes it decreases the inputs into the brain. Whichever side of the brain is more susceptible is affected the most and you’ve got brain lateralization.

When one side of the brain starts working less it causes a disconnect in the part of the brain that inhibits pain, allows you to sleep and be balanced. Thus, brain lateralization can result in pain, dizziness and insomnia. As well as other chronic health conditions.

It is also important to note that the goal is not to do away with the stresses that cause brain lateralization. Even if such a thing were possible, we need the stresses. You just need to train your body to adapt to them more appropriately.

It’s like running 10 miles. For most of us running 10 miles would be a HUGE stress and would affect our bodies accordingly. But an Olympic marathoner can run those same 10 miles with little or no affect to their body. They could do it a lot faster than you or I as well. Why? Because their body is trained to handle that kind of stress.

Brain based therapy seeks to do the same thing, not by removing the stress from your life, but by improving they way your body responds.  Orem Fibromyalgia Treatment

Next time I’ll show you some tests you can do all on your own to see if you have brain lateralization.

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