Brain Shrinkage - One Of Many Unhealthy Diet Effects

Most of us want to eat better, but we don't. Why? For those of us that **LOVE** food there's an emotional connection that no amount of logic can disconnect. With that in mind I share the following information on how an unhealthy diet may be shrinking your brain. unhealthy diet shrinks brain orem utah chiropractor

In September 2015 Medscape published a review of research published by BMC Medical.

In a study of more than 250 individuals, investigators found that during a period of 4 years, there was a difference of more than 200 cubic millimeters in hippocampal volume between individuals who ate a healthy diet and those who consumed an unhealthy diet.

So you may be wondering what does this mean?

Here's the take home points:

One, four years isn't a very long time. Most people who make poor food choices do it for years if not a lifetime.

Two, the hippocampus is involved in long term memory. Four years of poor eating may cause you to lose the memories of your youth. All those fun adventures you had could be gone because you chose a Snickers and a Coke over vegetables and grilled chicken.

Here's another frightening thing. The hippocampus also participates in your spatial awareness. Spatial awareness is the ability to create and have mental maps of your environment.

When you're in our house how do you know how to get from the upstairs bedroom to the basement laundry room? Because you've done it so many times you remember, right? Right.

If you think about it you can "see" the layout of your home in your mind, you can see how all the rooms and furniture are positioned in relation to one another.

Your hippocampus plays a role in your ability to have this mental map.

Can you imagine not having this?

I can think of no more compelling reason to eat well.

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