Car Accident? Here's One Example of When You Should Hire An Attorney

As an Orem Chiropractor I deal with many people who have been involved in car accidents.  Many of the cases I deal with are where some one is rear ended and there is moderate to severe injury and car damage. Don't take this as legal counsel because I'm not an attorney and state laws and rules vary, but I'm of the opinion that this is a good example of the kind of accident where you would want to seriously consider hiring an attorney.

Many lawyers are licensed in several states - and this is can be a good thing.

For example if you live in Louisiana and travel to Utah and get involved in a car accident in Texas. Because the accident occurred in Texas it will be subject to Texas state laws and rules concerning car accidents.  Because you live in Louisiana and presumably have Louisiana auto insurance, your insurance benefits would be subject to Louisiana insurance benefits and laws.  All this can be highly difficult and confusing when dealing with different state laws, not to mention the difficulty living in one state and trying to settle a case in another.

So if you live in Louisiana hire an attorney in Louisiana it will save you a lot of additional pain and suffering.

This post was sponsored by a company that can help you find an attorney in Louisiana. However, the views and opinions are my own.