Car Accidents In Orem Utah Are Bad News For Women

I read an article today that leads me to the conclusion that car accidents in Orem Utah are bad news, especially for women. The article is entitled Women with late whiplash syndrome have Car Accidents In Orem Utah Are Bad News For Womengreatly reduced load-bearing of the cervical spine.

The title of this article isn't very glamorous or eye catching.

It doesn't  make you stop and say "Ohhh, I've got to learn about that!"

I get that, so let me unpack it for you because if you've been involved in an auto accident or someone you care about has, this is information you'll want to know.

Researchers recruited one hundred eighty-two women, aged between 18–50 years who were then divided into three groups.

Group one was women who had been involved in an auto accident and were experiencing Late Whiplash Syndrome.

Late Whiplash Syndrome is defined as a collection of symptoms and disabilities seen more than six months after a neck injury occurring in a motor vehicle accident.

Group two was women who experienced chronic neck pain that has been gradually getting worse.

Group three was women who experienced no neck pain.

Bottom line:

The study found that women with Late Whiplash Syndrome had extremely weak neck muscles and the muscles that are designed to move the head and neck must compensate and act as stabilizers.

This causes great joint reaction forces through the cervical spine.

This likely leads to early decay and degeneration of the cervical spine.

So, if you or someone you care about has been involved in an auto accident get your injuries addressed ASAP. The consequences of not are bad news for women.

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