Chiropractor Saves Andrew Lloyd Webber

Musical and stage production genius Andrew Lloyd Webber reports having been saved by a chiropractororem back pain help On July 31, 2015 a British news source the Daily Mail reported the following:

Having revealed four years ago that he had been left impotent after successful treatment for prostate cancer, Andrew Lloyd Webber has now disclosed how crippling back pain led him to fear his life was over.

The composer, 67, began to suffer from agonising pains in his leg which were misdiagnosed as a spinal problem.

‘A couple of back operations didn’t cure anything. Instead, things got worse,’ he says. 

‘I was on so much morphine and painkillers — and was drinking too much — that I honestly thought it was all over.’

Lord Lloyd-Webber attributes his recovery to sessions with a chiropractor. 

‘I saw him every day for about eight weeks,’ he adds. ‘And three months later I thought it was time we did Cats again.’

There are several things I like about this article.

I really like that he gives a realistic view of back pain.

Have you ever experienced back pain so bad that you felt your life was over?  When it's bad, it's bad.  So much so that it can lead you to believe that your life is over.

The second realistic thing is the time it may take to get a person's back, back to normal.

Is all back pain the same? No.

Some episodes are minor and taken care of quickly and easily, but some are complex and difficult and those take time, no matter what your choice of rehabilitation is.

Having said that time and time again it has been shown that chiropractic care can get a person back to normal quicker and at a lower price than any other form of care.

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