Chocolate, Heart Disease And Orem Chiropractor

I am an Orem Chiropractor and I love chocolate! Anything is good if it is made out of chocolate! Orem Chiropractic Offices

There's nothing better than a friend, unless it's a friend with chocolate!

A balanced diet is a piece of chocolate in both hands.

Put 'eat chocolate' at the top of your things to do list for today. That way you'll get at least one thing done today.

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment!

Strength is the ability to break a bar of chocolate into four pieces with your bare hand and only eat one of the pieces.

And one more . . .

Biochemically, love is just like eating large amounts of chocolate - John Milton

This post is a review of an article that appeared in the Journal Heart.

What researchers were trying to discover is whether habitual chocolate consumption contributed to heart disease. Habitual chocolate consumption was defined as more than sixteen grams daily and less than ninety nine grams daily.

The researchers concluded that . . .

"Cumulative evidence suggests that higher chocolate intake is associated with a lower risk of future cardiovascular events, although residual confounding cannot be excluded. There does not appear to be any evidence to say that chocolate should be avoided in those who are concerned about cardiovascular risk."

These researchers did not describe the type of chocolate that they reviewed or if they even took into account different types of chocolate. From the article I get the sense they did not.

Previous research has suggested that darker chocolates contain more health benefits. This is probably due to the the higher caco content and lower sugar content.

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