Could He REALLY Tell By Dull Razor Blades?

I was talking to my wife, Nancy, today about writing a shaving story.  After which she started to chuckle, and said "Did I ever tell you the game I used to play with Mike?" Mike is her step-father, and a very dry yet clever personality.

So she goes on to tell me this game.  As a teen ager with with three other teen ager siblings the bathroom was in high demand in the mornings, and being a young lady who likes nice things decided it was her right to use mom & Mikes  bathroom, which of course was much more elegant.  So she would sneak into their bathroom and with great effort memorize how everything was positioned - down to the millimeter - in the shower.

Sneaking into the bathroom required that she shower fast, shave, leave everything just as it was and then get out before being noticed.

While sitting at the dinner table Mike said "Nancy, shower in your own bathroom!"  "How do you know I showered in your bathroom?", Nancy replied.  My razors blades are dull!", Mike said.

Thus started the game between Nancy and Mike.  Nancy trying to shower in her parents bathroom without Mike catching her and Mike always knowing when she had used their bathroom because of what shaving her legs did to his razors.

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