Do It Yourself Orem Migraine Relief

If you need Orem migraine relief or if you're suffering with pounding Orem headaches migraine reliefin your head, I've got a highly effective solution for you and that you can do all on your own. If you've read any of the previous posts on headaches and migraines then you know the basics of how and why headaches and migraines occur.

If not here's a quick summary: Blood vessels in the brain dialate  or get bigger. They can do this for many reasons, but the end result is when blood vessels get bigger they stretch a web of nerves that surround the vessel, which is what causes the pain.

One of the reasons blood vessels get bigger is in response to inflammation.

Inflammation occurs when there is injury or damage to tissues. Think of getting a splinter in your finger. If you leave the splinter in long enough your finger will get puffed up and turn red. That's inflammation. It's your immune system rushing to the area to fight any virus or bacteria that have gotten in. In our splinter example we want that to happen, it protects us.

Now imagine poking your self in the same spot over and over again. The inflammation would never go down. Well, that's what happens when you eat inflammatory foods, don't get enough sleep or have emotional stresses. These things "stab" the lining of your intestines the same way a splinter stabs your finger.

Imagine that swelling and redness of your finger - that's what's happening in your intestines, multiple times a day, every day for years on end.

This is chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is what leads to chronic diseases, including migraine headaches.

So, what can you do on your own to help this inflammatory process?

Chew on fresh ginger. The phytonutrients in ginger are called gingerols and have powerful anti inflammatory properties.

So, next time you feel a migraine headache coming on chew on some fresh ginger. Nibble a little at a time because it is quite spicy.

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