Do Orem Residents Need To Ditch The Dishwasher?

I distinctly remember as a kid our dishwasher broke and my dad thought it would be best if we, his six kids, became the family dishwasher. In this post we'll talk about why people in Orem may want to consider ditching their dishwashers.  Orem Chiropractor Allergy Relief This post is based on an article that appeared in the Journal of Pediatrics and is titled Allergy in Children in Hand Versus Machine Dishwashing.

In this study they looked at 1029 families with children between the ages of seven and eight years old.  The goal was to find if those families who washed their dishes by hand had children who had fewer allergies.

From the introduction to the study: The hygiene hypothesis stipulates that microbial exposure during early abstract life induces immunologic tolerance via immune stimulation, and hence reduces the risk of allergy development. Several common lifestyle factors and household practices, such as dish washing methods, may increase microbial exposure. The aim of this study was to investigate if such lifestyle factors are associated with allergy prevalence.

The theory is that hand washing of dishes would be a less through method of cleaning and therefore more residual bacteria would be left on dishes. Based on the hygiene hypothesis stated above, the people who hand wash their dishes would develop a more natural tolerance to common allergens.

Here is some of what they found: Thirty eight percent (38%) of the children from families who washed their dishes by machine had eczema, while only twenty three percent (23%) of those children from hand dish washing families had eczema.

7.3% of the children from machine dish washer families had asthma, while only 1.7% of the children from hand dish washer families had asthma.

12.9% of the children from machine dish washer families had nasal allergies and the 10.3% of the hand dish washer children had nasal allergies.

Researchers also found that families who ate, fermented foods and farm-fresh produce are less likely to exhibit allergies.

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