Eggs Cholesterol And An Orem Chiropractor

If you have been paying attention to the popular news over the last few months you've probably noticed that that we are in the midst of a change on official recommendations on eggs and cholesterol. orem chiropractor eggs cholesterol biotin numbness This post is based on an article that appeared in the Washington Post.

For years cholesterol has been considered a public health concern. Unfortunately, we as Americans have been behind the times and behind in the understanding of cholesterol. Most, if not all, other countries don't have a limit on amount of cholesterol a person should consume. Most other countries don't isolate cholesterol the way we do either.

For example, none of us eat cholesterol by itself. Cholesterol comes "packaged" in a food with fat, protein and other nutrients and to look at cholesterol separate from the other players in a food package, doesn't give us a real world view on how it affects us. It is this realization that has paved the way for looking at eggs differently.

The fear of cholesterol seems to have originated from research done in St. Petersburg, Russia in one of their military research institutes. They fed cholesterol to rabbits ranging in four to eight weeks and they found that cholesterol indeed did harm the rabbits. One of the problems is that humans are not rabbits and we don't synthesize cholesterol the way a rabbit does.

In case you didn't already know it we need cholesterol.  Cholesterol is used in the production of hormones and other things in our bodies. If you don't consume cholesterol it will be produced in your liver. If you consume cholesterol your liver won't produce more.

Current guide lines in the United States suggest not to consume more than three hundred milligrams (300 mg) daily. For comparison sake a typical egg yolk has about 200 milligrams of cholesterol.

Where did that recommendation come from? I haven't been able to find where that figure comes from. I would suggest that at one point it was based on some finding and then has been passed forward for decades without really examining the validity of it.

The top limits of cholesterol have not been tested. I did find an article which cites a man who ate 25 eggs a day.  This is only one person and shouldn't create a health policy. The interesting thing they found in this man was that the more eggs he consumed the less cholesterol he absorbed. All the excess just passed through his intestines without being absorbed.

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