Falling Risk Decreased By Orem Chiropractor

Every year 800,000 people aged 65 or older are hospitalized because of hip fractures and head injuries after falling.Falling Risk Decreased By Orem Chiropractor Fortunately, falling risk decreased by Orem chiropractor.

Treating these falls is very costly. In fact, in 2015 the cost to Medicare was over thirty one billion dollars.

Unfortunately, the population of the United States is getting older. Because of this fact, the number of falls and the costs to treat falls will likely rise in the coming years.

Here are a few stats

  • Each year, millions of people 65 and older are treated in emergency departments because of falls.
  • Over 800,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury, most often because of a broken hip or head injury.
  • Fall injuries are among the 20 most expensive medical conditions.
  • The average hospital cost for a fall injury is over $30,000.
  • The costs of treating fall injuries go up with age.

Costs include fees for hospital and nursing home care, doctors and other professional services, rehabilitation, community-based services, use of medical equipment, prescription drugs, and insurance processing.

There are other costs these statistics don't show. Like the cost of depending on others, lost time from work, inability to perform household duties and a reduced quality of life.

Sagittal balance is one thing that researchers have found to have a direct correlation with falling. Meaning those elderly adults who had the greatest discrepancy in their sagittal balance had a much greater risk of falls.

By correcting and maintaining your posture while younger helps prevent balance problems when older and thus falls.

The CDC site was the source for the above quoted stats.

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