Funny Story About Shaving My Eyebrows

If you've read my other posts about shaving you'll know that I've been shaving my head for some time now.  In fact my kids, the oldest being sixteen, don't really have any memories of me having hair. Being his dad I've always thought my son would want to be like his dad and have a shaved head.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Every summer I offer to buzz his head so he can be (kinda) like dad with a buzzed head.  NO WAY! is the typical response.

With this lack of desire to be like dad I was recently surprised to discover my son had shaved his eyebrows.

Let me go back in time and explain what this has to do with being like dad.

When I was a teenager there was a girl who said that she really liked my eyebrows because they were two toned.  Because of that I've always been protective of my eyebrows - what would I be without my obviously best feature?

In the movie City Slickers Billy Crystal says something about aging and that he is losing hair where he wants it and growing it in his ears.  Such is the case with me.  Not only that, but my eyebrows went crazy and starting growing straight out from my forehead, looking like antenna.

My beautiful wife, apparently being more concerned with my appearance than myself, bought me a trimmer and a command to trim my eyebrows.  Only after months of  nagging did I finally cut back my antennas.

It seems as though my son had become sensitive to this nagging and conscious of his own eyebrows because I discovered him in the bathroom one day trimming his own eyebrows.  Unfortunately for him he didn't really trim his eyebrows he shaved them almost completely off.  Fortunately for him eyebrows grow back.

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