Get The Rocks Outa Here!

In this very short video Dr Ned McArthur will quickly help youunderstand why each of your visits is vital to achieving your wants, goals and desires.

Whether I've seen you one time or one hundred and one times, I'm your chiropractor and I'm here for you one hundred percent.

Use your imagination. A landslide has fallen on your health. Your wants, goals and desires - the results you want - are under this very large pile of rocks.

Your wants, goals and desires are personal to you. These are the things you want. Maybe you want to be able to play with your kids or maybe you want to start exercising. Maybe you want to do your work with out pain. Whatever it is - these are things you want and are completely personal to you.

So this landslide has buried your wants, goals and desires under a great big pile of rocks.

Each appointment you have gets rid of a rock, maybe several and loosens others. So each appointment you have builds on and is dependent upon the previous.

The stresses of life try to throw more rocks back on. So when you miss an appointment, not only do you not get rocks removed, this allows life to build up even more rocks slowing your progress towards your wants, goals and desires.

As a favor to yourself and to help you get the things you want as quickly as possible, please keep your appointments.

As you do keep your appointments, your care is going to get rid of the rocks, which is really the things in your body that are preventing you from having the things you want.

Remember, I'm here for you 100%.

When you need to you can reach me via the method that is most convenient for you.

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