Good Auto Insurance Important For Car Accident Injuries

As an Orem Chiropractor I care for many people who have been involved in car accidents. The thing that most people fail to recognize is the amount of injury that can take place even during low speed accidents and in little or no damage to the vehicle accidents.

Typically, during an accident the car absorbs a lot of the force involved in the accident as the car crumbles.  For example, let's say you're involved in an accident that produces 10G's of force.  As the car crumbles it absorbs 7G's, transferring 3G's of force to the occupants.  Compare that to an accident where only 5G's of force are produced and now crumbling takes place, the car absorbs 1G of force, transferring 4G's to the occupants.

Hopefully you see how a "smaller" accident can actually produce greater impact, and thus greater injury to the occupants, than "bigger" accidents.

Seeing a lot of these types of cases I have dealt with the range of insurance companies. Based on my experience I know that there is a difference between insurance companies.

The facts I have described above are widely known and understood by researchers, but often times when I have to deal with a "lesser" insurance companies it can almost be assured that I will have to write multiple reports trying to explain these facts.  These same companies will often question the injured person directly about their injuries.

So, unless you like getting the run around, you're going to be better off having quality auto insurance.

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