Google Maps Marketing Lesson From Your Orem Chiropractor

When I began as a practicing Orem chiropractor, Yellow Pages advertising is what I was told was the "back bone" of local marketing.  Now Google Maps Marketing is where it's at. Going back to 1997 I read and learned everything I could about Yellow Pages Marketing.  It took we two years to learn that Yellow Pages marketing wasn't for me at what I was willing to spend.  For some businesses it can be the their primary source of new business - not me.

Now, fast forward to 2008 and I get a web site but I wasn't being found (unless page four on Google is considered being found).  So I set out to learn the basics of SEO.  In that study and from my personal experience I discovered that being a "brick & mortar" local business made SEO important, but more important was being in the top three in Google Maps and being at the very top is best.

Why was Google Maps Marketing so important?  I discovered that most people who were finding me online me online were NOT going to my web site - they were finding me on Google Maps and calling my office from there.

Another discovery was the power of reviews and testimonials.  I've had many people who found me on Google and said they chose me, over all the other offices to chose from, because of the strength of my patient reviews.

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