Highline Trail To The West Fork Black's Fork Drainage Part 1

From July 21 through July 26 2014, two of my children and I went on a backpacking trip through the High Uinta mountains in Utah. We started out at the Highline Trailhead full of excitement and enthusiasm for the adventure that lay ahead. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the first tragedy to strike.Nose Scrape Mud Puddle Do you see those small logs in the middle of the photo? I was trying to cross this puddle by walking across those logs when the log rolled out from underneath me so fast that I didn't even have time to catch myself and my face crashed into that flat rock in the middle of the puddle.

As far as backcountry tragedies go this was on the mild side. Because this was more of an injury to my pride we quickly made our way through is section of trail, which is the least scenic of the whole trip.

Here's the GPS screen shot once we reached Pigeon Milk Springs.

Pigeon Milk Spring Stats

We were planning on this being a nine mile hike so we arrived into camp earlier than expected.

Here's a few photos of the Pigeon Milk Springs campsite. Pigeon Milk Springs Camp 2


Pigeon Milk Springs Camp 3


You may be wondering where the name Pigeon Milk Springs comes from, well after much research . . . I've found nothing. The water does have a milky color to it due to glacial dust, or small mineral particles in the water as it comes to the surface.  The one thing I do know, this is probably the best tasting water in Uintas.  That's not to say Uinta water is bad, the Pigeon Milk Springs water is just really cold and tasty!

After an early bedtime, which would be the case every night this week. We awoke to a beautiful sky, had breakfast and were on our way up Rocky Sea Pass.

Ascending Rocky Sea Pass

Ascending Rocky Sea Pass

From Pigeon Milk Springs the trail starts out moderately steep, but soon becomes a smooth incline.

This photo shows the last stretch to the top of the pass.

Ascending Rocky Sea Pass 3 Roman & Addison at Rocky Sea Pass.

Orem Dizziness Specialist at Rocky Sea Pass




Orem Fibromyalgia Doctor at Rocky Sea Pass

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