Hiking Highline to WFBF With R. Ned McArthur D.C. Part 4

After leaving the Gladys Lake area we hike through some nondescript areas. Calling it nondescript is a relative term. This stretch (of which I don't provide any photos) does not have the same jaw dropping vistas, but has lots of medium sized trees and bushes, mountain views and stream crossings (in one there was  huge fish we could see swimming around). After passing through this relatively nondescript area area we came to a high mountain meadows that was filled with beautiful wild flowers.

Orem Car Accident Injuries Rock Basin Wildflowers

This picture simply doesn't do this area justice.  First off this meadow is huge. The trail bobs up and down for more than a half mile next to this meadow. The variety of colors from the flowers, mixed with the green grass, blue skies and puffy white clouds made for a cornucopia of visual stimuli. For me it was an area where I just wanted to lay down in the grass, inhale the fresh air and take this place into my soul.

After passing this meadow we descended to the last of the "lady lakes" - Helen Lake, where we would make our camp for the next two nights. Orem Car Accident Injuries Descending Helen Lake


Here we are walking around Helen Lake, looking for a camp spot. You might be thinking why not set up camp in this relatively flat patch of grass. Many patches of grass around Uinta lakes are marshy and that was the case here. Besides we needed shade and to be at least a quarter of a mile away from the lake to have a fire. So our target is through the trees in front of us, where we will find a small, flat, dry and well shaded meadow, perfect for camping the next two night.

IMG_4758 Here are the screen shots of the GPS once we arrived at our camp spot.  This information is cumulative from the time we started on Monday.

Orem Car Accident Injuries Helen Lake Screen Shot 1 Orem Car Accident Injuries Helen Lake Screen Shot 2


Though this was actually taken the next day, here's a great shot of our Helen Lake camp site.

Orem Car Accident Injuries Helen Lake Camp Site


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