Hiking Highline Trail To WFBF With R. Ned McArthur, D.C. Part 5

Having put seven plus miles of hiking in with some moderately steep climbs I was beat.  So the first thing I did was take off the pack and sit down and have some lunch. Unfortunately, lunch wasn't a medium rare steak . . . it was two Clif Bars, which is the case everyday of backpacking. One of my backpacking mentors, Jerry, taught me his backpacking menu and I've stuck with it with a few minor alterations.

While backpacking I do three instant oatmeals and one instant hot chocolate for breakfast, two Clif Bars for lunch and a dehydrated dinner. I add a few additional calories with Gatorade powder and licorice.  The funny thing is, at home I could never get away with eating so little. At home it only takes thirty minutes and I'm wondering where the next meal is. While backpacking though, my mind isn't consumed with food.

So after eating and setting up camp we did some exploring around Helen Lake. Orem Dizziness Specialist Orem Utah Helen Lake Uintas


Orem Dizziness Specialist Orem Utah Helen Lake Uintas

See that green strip on the far side of the lake? Past that the landscape slopes down and you're at Lightning Lake. You've heard the phrase "a stone's throw"? Well, these two lakes are just about that close.

Helen Lake as the sun is setting

Orem Dizziness Specialist Orem Utah Helen Lake


Once it got dark we  had our one fire for the week. I'm usually a sit around the fire every night, but the mountain air and the labor of hiking and exploring had me ready for bed by 9:00 PM every night.

Wednesday we awoke to sunshine and blue skies with puffy white clouds. The Uintas are known for afternoon showers and having done several backpacking trips through these mountains and never getting rained on I was actually hoping for some rain.

Wednesday was a rest day, meaning we wouldn't be moving camps today. Wednesday was all about exploring this section of the Rock Creek Drainage.

Roman and I headed over to Lightning Lake.

Orem Dizziness Specialist Orem Utah Lightning Lake Uintas Here's Roman sitting on the cliffs at Lightning Lake.

Orem Dizziness Specialist Orem Utah Lightning Lake Uintas


Orem Utah fibromyalgia expertAfter knocking around Lightning Lake we decided to go vertical.


Looking down at Helen Lake.Orem fibromyaliga specialist Uinta mountains


Roman at the top of our climb. Here you can see how close Lightning and Helen Lakes are. Orem fibromyaliga specialist Uinta mountains

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