Hiking Highline Trail To WFBF With R. Ned McArthur, D.C. Part 6

After hiking around the lakes and going up and down the nearby cliffs we headed back to camp - I wanted to bathe and do laundry. It can't be seen from any of the pictures I took, but Lightning Lake has a good flowing stream feeding it and since moving water is typically cleaner water, this where I headed to.

I have a vinyl bucket that I use to hold water while I wash myself and then my clothes.  After washing myself I got some clean clothes and I felt great!  As I was finishing my laundry rain started falling.

Addison and Roman were on the opposite side of the lake from me, so I picked up my clean, but still wet laundry, yelled to them and we made a quick trip back to camp and our tents.

Orem Car Accident Injuries Helen Lake Camp Site I'm in a stand of pines, taking this picture. My wet clothes are hung up behind me in a tree. I took this picture and then climbed into my tent and read my book, hoping the storm would quickly pass - this was about 4:00 PM.

Between 5:30 and 6:00 the rain had mostly stopped and we were ready for dinner. In case I haven't mentioned it previously, the mosquitoes at Helen Lake were terrible! One would think that rain would keep the mosquitoes away. I guess these critters were water proof, because we were getting a light sprinkle of rain and bugs buzzing around our heads. This combination of annoyances caused us to get in our tents and go to bed early - about 7:00 PM.

It rained enough overnight that I was slightly concerned about taking camp down in the morning.

Even getting into bed at 7:00 PM we slept until about 8:00 the next morning. After climbing out of the tent Thursday morning this is what I saw. fibromyalgia utah doctors uintas sky

So after getting up Thursday morning my concerns about moving camp in the rain were quickly put away.

So we ate, packed up and got on the trail again. On this day our destination would be Ledge Lake. fibromyalgia utah doctors uintas rock creek drainage

Here we are a little past Helen Lake descending off the rim of the Rock Creek Drainage. This was an awesome view!

Here's some more of the scenery we passed during our hike towards Ledge Lake. fibromyalgia utah doctors uintas rock creek drainage2


fibromyalgia utah doctors uintas rock creek drainage3


fibromyalgia utah doctors uintas rock creek drainage4


fibromyalgia utah doctors uintas rock creek drainage5

The hike between Helen Lake and Ledge Lake wasn't difficult at all and was only about five miles.

Here's the GPS screen shots after arriving at our camp spot at Ledge Lake. fibromyalgia utah doctors uintas Ledge Lake GPS 1


fibromyalgia utah doctors uintas Ledge Lake GPS 2


fibromyalgia utah doctors uintas Ledge Lake

This is Ledge Lake later in the evening. I LOVED camping here. In the next post I'll tell you about all the fun stuff we did here.

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