Hiking Highline Trail To WFBF With R. Ned McArthur, D.C. Part 7

Wow! When I first started writing about trip I never guessed it would be 7+ episodes long. So we've arrived at Ledge Lake, fairly early in the day and we all decide we want to do some exploring. So after getting our camp all set up Roman and Addison start climbing up the nearby boulder field to reach the top of a waterfall. Orem headache clinic Ledge Lake Uintas

Roman and Addison climbed this wall of boulders like they were walking up a set of stairs.

Orem headache clinic Ledge Lake waterfall

Once we reached the waterfall and Roman now having discovered a previously unknown talent for climbing boulders as though he were Spiderman, he decided we wanted to do "more."

So more we did. Orem headache clinic Ledge Lake waterfall

As you can see there is a rather long field of boulders here that we worked our away across. While it wasn't necessarily my idea of a great time, Roman was loving every minute of this.  While working our way across this field he found a great perch with a great view of the surrounding area.

Orem headache clinic Ledge Lake view

It was here that I had the idea of getting higher up the cliff we're skirting around  and finding our way towards Continent Lake.  That turned out to be good in theory. We managed to work our way of three layers of cliffs and still never found Continent Lake. After getting back to camp and pulling out the map I discovered that Continent Lake was still more than a mile away from the highest point we reached.

The flowers were out in full force this whole trip. Here's a patch while climbing the boulders.

Orem headache clinic Ledge Lake flowers


After spending a few hours on these rocks and not finding the lake I was ready for my favorite backpacking activity - napping!

So we headed back to camp, but I never got to nap.

As a kid I clearly remember my dad laughing hysterically while reading Patrick F. McManus books. His books are collections of short stories about hunting, fishing and the outdoors. So I brought one along and after the kids heard me laughing out loud while reading, they insisted that I read out loud to them, so we could all enjoy. So I did. This became our evening entertainment after dinner. Orem headache clinic Ledge Lake book reading


After having spent the last two nights at Helen Lake and fighting the mosquitoes there, it was sure nice to be almost mosquito free at Ledge Lake.

Maybe it was the clean air, but I was again ready for bed before 9:00 PM.

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