Hiking The Highline Trail To The West Fork Black’s Fork Drainage With R. Ned McArthur, D.C. Part 3

After finding the cairns and getting back on track, our objective was to get to the Upper Rock Creek Trail. There are several trails through the Rock Creek Drainage, but we wanted the upper trail. Like a bowl has a top rim, the Rock Creek Drainage has a top rim and we wanted the trail that goes along this rim. It would mean a little more climbing to get there, but in exchange it would provide spectacular views and less up and down hiking.

Here is one of my favorite shots of the whole week. I don't know where along the trail this was taken, but I love the image of Addison climbing up, with the mountains, pines and if you look close enough the small pond in the background.Back Pain Doctor Orem Utah Hiking Uintas

This image is also the perfect summary of the terrain in this area with rolling hills, grass and rocks, pines and assorted small bodies of water. My most favorite thing though was the fact we were completely alone on this stretch.

Back Pain Doctor Orem Utah Rock Creek Drainage

There is something amazing about having these grand views and all this open space to yourself. It makes me thoughtful. I want to sit and ponder upon the deeper things in life. Maybe it's because I feel so small in these big spaces, but the big problems in life don't feel all that big in places like this.

This sign marks the beginning of the Upper Rock Creek Trail. Back Pain Doctor Orem Utah Upper Rock Creek Trail Sign

It also marks the beginning of the climb to the top of the drainage and a string of "lady lakes" - Margie, Rosalie, Gladys and eventually Helen Lake where we would make our camp for the next two days.

Here's a section of the trail up.

Back Pain Doctor Orem Utah Climbing Trail

After reaching the top of the drainage we pass the string of lady lakes referred to earlier begins. My favorite of them was Gladys Lake. Here's a view of the Gladys' Lake area.

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