Hiking The Highline Trail To WFBF Part 9

After coming over Dead Horse Pass we hiked about four more miles down the West Fork Black Fork drainage. This stretch of the hike took us back into the pine trees - which I really love, but some don't because it takes away any views. We ended up stopping around 2:00 in the afternoon on Friday in an open field near the stream running down the drainage. We had been looking for a good camping spot for a little while with no success. For a good camp spot I need flat, has shade and is within a reasonable walk to water. After lots of unacceptable spots we settled on this one.

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At first glance you'd say it doesn't have any of the three requirements - and you'd be right.  However, it was flat enough, when looking at this image there is a nice grove of trees to the left with plenty spots to sit and get out of the sun. Plus, the stream is less than a hundred yards to the left.

Here's the stream near out camp site looking up the drainage.

orem sciatica relief WFBF drainage


Me and feet enjoying an a little soak. orem sciatica relief WFBF drainage

There wasn't anything in the area that was demanding to be explored and it was the end of the week so we spent the afternoon reading and being lazy around camp.

Then Saturday came. We had eight to ten miles ahead of us and it was the last day. My feeling were mixed. After six days in the wild I'm definitely ready to get back to modern life, but I'm also torn because I know I won't be back in the Uintas until next summer - and I really love it up here.

So after packing up camp we got back on the trail heading towards the beautiful meadows of Buck's Pasture.

Here's the stream near Buck's Pasture.

orem sciatica relief WFBF drainage

It was in this area that we started seeing people. Mostly fisherman along the stream pulling out little trout and we talked to a few of them.

I really enjoy meeting people in the mountains. I've never had a bad experience. People are kind, helpful and friendly. It's like humanity returns to people once we're away from modern life. Saying hi, talking about experiences, offering help, etc, etc. The same kind of conversations would never happen in the grocery store. It reminds me that people are innately good and nice.

We had a pick up appointment at 3:00 at the river crossing past the bottom of the drainage, so on we trudged.

After reaching the bottom of the drainage, we joined a dirt road that would take us to our meeting spot.

Here we are hiking through a flock of sheep. orem sciatica relief WFBF drainage This was a wonderful trip. I highly recommend taking a week (or more!) and enjoying this beautiful stretch of the Uinta mountains.

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