How Much Force to Cause Whiplash Injury Utah County?

In our discussion of low speed collisions, there is one thing more to consider.

Did your vehicle move as a result of the collision?

Most vehicles weigh several thousand pounds. A collision that is strong enough to propel a car forward by even inches is plenty enough force to cause a whiplash injury.

After going through all these episodes on low speed collisions, there really shouldn’t be any dispute on whether a low speed car accident collision can cause injuries.

It has been scientifically proven by several studies.

It's a fact that the speed required to cause bodily injury is quite low, a scant 2.5 mph.

It has also been shown that any accident that causes damage to the rear bumper is likely to cause injuries. Even in accidents where there is no outward physical damage to the vehicle, an injury is likely.

What's your experience? Let me know in the comments.

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