I Love My Water Heater Replacement!

It seems as though when I write some of these stories I tell quite a bit about my history. Same is true here.  So I hope you'll understand as I explain things in my youth to explain how they have affected my opinions and actions as an adult. My dad's job caused my family and I to move around quite a bit through my youth.  We moved to Michigan just after I turned twelve and we lived there until I left home.  Michigan is as cold and snowy and maybe you've imagined.  Because of that fact, I really don't like the cold and snow.  It seemed like I was cold for six months, inside, outside I was always cold.  The one time I felt warm was in a hot shower in the morning.  I got in the habit of taking long hot showers.  The only down side was with several teenagers in our home the hot water went fast.

Guess what?  I still love my long hot showers!

Several years ago I bought my first home.  One of the things I was so pleased to find out was that this home had two hot water heaters.  I realize that isn't a big deal, but in my mind it said "lots of hot water" - and I smiled.

If I was ever in need of a water heater replacement I would get it done quick cause I love me some hot water - especially during the long, cold winter.

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