I Want To Scream "This Is How To Make A Resume!"

Recently I've been trying to hire a massage therapist for my office.  In this process I've received countless resumes.  I'm convinced they all used the same resume template, but what's worse is they don't seem to get the point of a resume, leaving me to scream in frustration "Do you know how to make a resume ?" I'll be the first to admit that I look at a lot of principles of business a little different, and I'm no Jack Welch, so maybe I'm the one who's got it wrong.  Having said that let me give you and example of the resumes I've received.

Each has the applicants name, address, phone number, email, etc.

Then they all list their education and their previous work experience with three references.

None of that is wrong perse, but as a business owner I'm not that interested that you worked at McDonalds when you were seventeen and your manager said you were a great employee.

I care about what you're going to do for my business.  What experience and skills do you have that is going to make my business better?  What load are you going to lighten for me?  Quite frankly I'm most concerend about how are you going to make me more money?  If you can't answer those questions with a clear and concise answer nothing else in your resume is that important to me.

You want a new job?  Include how you're going to do any of those three questions in your resume and you've got a shot at a job, at least with me.

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