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If you're about my age or older, meaning born in the sixties or earlier, you probably had a teacher, a parent or some other adult at point or another tell you to sit up straight or stand up straight. Having good posture was a sign of manners. Today I'm going to write about why you should improve your posture in Orem Utahorem chiropractor improve posture This post will be based on an article by Erik Peper entitled Increased Strength and Mood With Posture. It's probably worth pointing out that Erik Peper is a PhD and teaches at San Francisco State University.

Looking at ourselves and others when experiencing a bad mood, anger, frustration and other negative emotions we all can recognize that our body posture changes or is different from when we feel joy, confidence and other positive emotions. Emotions change our posture. This purpose of this article was to look at the reverse, can postures change our emotions, energy levels & thoughts?

Here are some of the many things that these researchers discovered about posture. When subjects skipped for two minutes they reported higher energy levels as compared to when they walked in slouched posture for two minutes.

They also found that posture affects your recall of positive or negative memories.  Researchers had participants sit in slouched positions and asked them about memories. In this slouched position it was far easier to recall "helpless, hopeless and powerless memories." They found the opposite to be true when people sat in erect positions. In this posture it was easier to recall positive and joyful memories. This research was confirmed when they had people walk on a treadmill for two minutes in a slouched position and two minutes in an erect posture. They were then asked to recall positive and negative words.

Improvement in hormone levels were also found in those who expressed a good posture.

Needless to say, if you want to feel better, improve your posture. If you want to improve your posture I can help.

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