It Wasn't Dad's Straight Razor This Time

So being a guy who shaves his head I've got a million and one of these stories about shaving - most of them being funny at my expense and this one is no exception. As a teenager it seems that my dad went through this phase of going "old fashioned" in his shaving.  He had a straight razor and shaving soap and brush and one of those leather straps that was used for sharping the straight razor.  Being a teenager at this time this is how I learned to shave.

This story doesn't involve old fashioned shaving, but it is due to not adhering to the lessons learned from shaving old fashioned.

As an adult I'm much more of a disposable razor guy and a little of soap lathered up on the head and face.

One of the things I've noticed is that I can nick my head or any other body part for that matter and often won't even know it.  This mostly happens with a brand new, nice and sharp razor - my favorite.

So, being in a hurry one day, which is not what I learned from using my dad's shaving gear, I cut the back of my head one day and had blood running down the back of my head, into my ear without knowing about it.  So everywhere I went that day I got funny looks and it wasn't until that night that I realized why.

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