It's Funny What You Find Under Car Floor Mats

I'm a pretty luck guy.  Over the last twenty years I've had the best two careers one could have.  Okay, well, the best two out the top three, but being a professional hockey player is a story for another time. Currently I'm an Orem chiropractor.  While I was in college I worked as a valet.  The valet company that I worked for had three primary clients.  Upscale shopping malls, hospitals, and private parties.  Due to the type of clientele we served I had opportunity to drive some pretty amazing vehicles.  Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and others.

If we had an event where we had a secure parking lot we would roll down the drivers side window, take the keys form the ignition and place them under the car floor mats.

During this process it was amazing the treasures we would find.  I'm not saying that we would go through a person's car, but just lifting the floor mat  and placing the keys under it would reveal many interesting things.

What was interesting about driving these kinds of vehicles was the realization that just because  someone drives a car that is worth as much as a house, it doesn't mean that they keep it any cleaner than someone who drives a fifteen year old Honda.

We would find simple things, like mail or a wallet, but there were times I found cash, drugs and even women's panties.

So, the lesson is clean your car and if you won't do that remember just because your contraband is under the car floor mat, it doesn't mean that somebody else won't find it.

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