Knee Pain And The Functional Short Leg

As an Orem Chiropractor one of the things I examine routinely is comparing the length of legs. This is done when a person is laying sacroiliac joint sciatica orem utahface down, called the prone position. While a person is in this position I walk to the patient's feet and observe whether one leg appears longer than the other, If one leg is shorter this is assumed to be a functional short leg. I say functional short leg because the length of legs are not anatomically different in lengths. That's done through a different measurement.

Dysfunction in the hips, pelvis and low back are the primary causes of the functional short leg. For example, imagine someone laying in the face down position and standing at their feet. You see that the right leg appears shorter than the left. How does that happen? The leg bone (the femur) attaches to the pelvis. The pelvis rotates forward and backwards and can become stuck (fixated) in one of these positions. When that happens the leg is brought up, making it appear shorter then the other.

An article that appeared in the Journal of The American Osteopathic  Association suggests that osteoarthritic related knee pain is more common in the apparent short leg.

If that conclusion is extrapolated out, may I suggest that good mechanics of the hips, pelvis and low back are essential to proper mechanics of the lower extremities, including the knees.

This leads one to believe that properly functioning hips, pelvis and low back can mitigate arthritic knees and pain and your Orem chiropractor can keep your hips, pelvis and low back functioning optimally.

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