Lap Band Surgery Description From An Orem Chiropractor Perspective

In the therapy / rehab room of my office I have a cork board with articles, crayon drawings by children and a lot of chiropractic and health related comics. One of  my favorite strips on this board is a Shoe comic which depicts professor Cosmo Fishhawk walking out of the chiropractors office and he says "I know what's wrong with my back - my front" as he looks down at his large belly.

For some there is a lot of truth in that comic.  Even ten extra pounds will put significantly more stress and strain on the muscles, joints and discs of the spine.

For some it's a lot more than ten pounds.  At thirty pounds over our ideal weight we are considered obese.  For some it's a lot more than thirty pounds.  For these people it's about more than back pain.  When someone is 50, 100 or more pounds overweight it can be life threatening.

Therefore, many of these people will look to lap band surgery.  This surgery uses a silicone filled collar that goes around the upper part of the stomach.  The purpose is to alter the anatomy of the stomach so it can only hold one ounce of food so you feel full sooner, eat less and lose weight.

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