Low Speed Car Accidents

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Had a Fender Bender?

Have you been involved in a minor fender bender? You feel sore but are you injured?

Over the last 23 years I’ve treated hundreds of car accident victims. These people have real problems and I love helping them get their lives back.

The mistake most people make with car accident injuries is that they equate the amount of car damage to severity of injury. Big accident do cause big injuries, but little accidents can be just as dangerous because instead of being absorbed by the car, more of the force is transmitted into the person, causing more injury.

A car accident will speed up decay and degeneration in your spine by 10 years and can lead to chronic pain. If you’ve been in a car accident, even a minor one, you’re body is building scar tissue at those areas that got jolted. Scar tissue is weaker, less flexible and more painful. Sometimes those come on quickly and sometimes it can take weeks to months to develop.

The thing I enjoy about working with people who have been in car accidents is they almost always get back to normal. Meaning with time their pain and function will be better than it was before their accident. In some cases even two times better.

We use high tech, low cost solutions to help car accident victims get their life back.

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