Mad Mimi Email Marketing Better Than Orem Headache Specialist?

So I created my Mad Mimi email marketing account this week and I'll admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use. This post is sponsored by Mad Mimi in which I will further review my experience with Mad Mimi.  By the way who is Mimi and why is she so mad?  Anyways . . .

My favorite part of the Mad Mimi experience is the dashboard.  Just drag and drop a header image.  There's a button for all the different combinations of text and images you may want to do.  If you want to avoid needing an Orem headache specialist work with Mad Mimi, she makes sending a email newsletter refreshingly simple.

Mad Mimi offers several different levels of use. The Basic account allows you to send unlimited emails up to 500 different contacts a month all the way up to the Big Business account which allows you to send unlimited emails up to 350,000 contacts a month.

As you upgrade your account level there is also another feature that may be worth considering, especially if you are sending emails to 10,000 or more contacts.  That feature is speed at which the emails are sent.  At the Basic account level emails are sent at one per second.  At ten thousand contacts they're sent at two a second and the speed doubles every account level higher.  At first I thought this was a useless feature until I realized that even at ten thousand addresses that would take almost three hours to send.

If you want a cool looking email newsletter that's simple to use check ou Mimi.  If you do, tell her I'm sorry for making her so mad.

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