Womens Sweaters For My Daughters

I'm the proud father of four awesome kids.  They are definitely my pride and joy and they definitely make me proud. I have two daughters, a son and another daughter.  The two oldest girls and the boy are all teenagers now

The girls will be seventeen and fifteen this year, thus they have developed their own tastes in everything from food to music and clothes and being girls who want to be stylish there have been times when they have tested the envelope.  One things is certain, they love womens sweaters.

My number two daughter views herself as the great american women's soccer player and being the dad, I think she's pretty good too.  As the dad there's another problem though.  Being the great american soccer player she likes to walk around in her soccer shorts and as your probably guessed they're a little short for dad's taste.

Just to be fair, when I was seventeen I was not allowed into a church dance because I was wearing shorts that were too short for the comfort of the adults then.

The current thinking seems to be if you've got a nice body you should show off your hard work (or good genetics) by wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination.  The thing I've tried to teach my daughters is that if people "like" you for the way your body looks they won't like you for much else.

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