My Experience With Contractor Management

When I started in practice I became very aware of how unprepared I was for going into business for myself and how little I knew.  That's why I started using contractor management. The thing I knew the very least about was accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, etc.  Having made that realization I hired an accountant.  I remember the day she came into my office. We sat at my desk and she started asking questions.  Have you ever listened to something that went way over your head?  That's what it was like speaking with this accountant.  She started talking taxes, write offs, C corps and my eyes just rolled back into my head.  It was painful.  I was also acutely aware of how little I knew about paying employees, payroll taxes, workers compensation.

After being in business for some time I decided that I could do it myself and save the expense of an accountant.  Some of it I was able to do - basic bookkeeping and taxes (with the aid of multiple software programs).  The part I was unable to do was employees & payroll.

So, instead of hiring an accountant again I used a employee leasing company.  This was a great thing because I could hire whom ever I wanted, the company offered benefits, paid workers compensation, payroll taxes, and took all employee liability.  All I had to do was pay the management company.  If you ever need to hire an employee consider using an employee management company.

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