My Favorite Charter Plane Service

Those who know me well know the things I am most passionate about: my family, business & faith.  After the those big three comes The Detroit Red Wings and depending on who you ask, they may say that the Red Wings are bigger than the other three. In this commissioned blog post I want to tell you about my favorite team and the new charter plane service they started last fall.

At the beginning of the current hockey season the Red Wings purchased a new charter plane - their third plane in team history - aptly named Red Bird III.  Red Bird III is a MD 180 and was previously owned by Midwest Express Airlines. Captain Chuck Shipp is the pilot, who by the way, has been the pilot of Red Bird I and Red Bird II - going all the way back to 1988.

After purchasing the plane the Red Wings completely overhauled the plane so everything is new.  They added TV's at every seat, enabled it for WiFi and put in several tables for those who want to work or play games.

One of the thorns in the Red Wings side is that they are an Eastern Time Zone team playing in the Western Conference, so that means regular trips to the western United States and western Canada.  When they're doing that kind of flying on a regular basis having a quality plane is vital.


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