No Frozen Pipes In This Embarrassing Plumbing Story

I've been a home owner for eight years now and as a home owner many times it feels like there is always something that needs to be repaired.  Fortunately, I've been able to avoid serious plumbing repairs. Maybe our furnace wasn't any good at keeping the house warm, but as a kid growing up in Michigan I remember my father going to great lengths in the winter time to avoid frozen pipes.  In the kitchen we had to open the cabinets underneath the sink.  We had to drip water from all the sinks.  In the laundry room we had to have a space heater and we had to wrap pipes that were exposed with  old towels.

My most embarrassing plumbing experience, though goes back to when I was twenty years old.  I was living in Irving, Texas and I had been invited to Thanksgiving dinner.  I had spent a wonderful day with some friends, and as a twenty year old I could eat twice my body weight in food, which is what I had done on this Thanksgiving.  After having dessert that evening my bowels were full and ready to empty.  So I went to the bathroom to do just that.  Not only was what I had eaten too much for my bowels, but to my embarrassment it was too much for the toilet, so when I went to flush the contents of my bowels didn't go down the toilet, but went all over the bathroom floor.

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