North Platte Float 2017

Thank You To All Who Helped & Participated

Boys: Roman McArthur Nathan Horsley Trase Best Dane Parry Devin Downs Oakley Ridge Ben Maas Joel Howard Kolton Rasmussen

Adults: Jerry Bastian Robert Daniels Brian Lulloff Jarom Smith Ned McArthur

Thanks to Bishop Parry Bishop Downs Pete Naylor For Help With Transportation (And A Million Other Things)

Thanks to Robby Nichols For Sharing His Van With Us

Officer D.B. Kennedy Of The Wyoming Highway Patrol Who Taught To Always Wear Our Seatbelts

Thanks to Brian Lulloff Who Spent Countless Hours Helping Us Build Our Boats

Special Thanks to Janean Lulloff For Her Support And Allowing Us To Invade Her Home While We Built Kayaks

To Jerry Bastian Who Provides Leadership, Experience And An Example Of Hard Work To Boys & Adults

To Carey Daniels, Kelley Bastian And Nancy McArthur For Supporting Their Husbands In Crazy Adventures Like This.

We Couldn't Do It Without You!

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