Offspring Tells Of Soft Mattress NYC

Last fall my wife and eldest daughter took a trip to New York City with my daughter's acting group - Center Stage Youth Performers to see several Broadway performances and do as much sight seeing as possible in three days. This post is sponsored by Mattress NYC and I will be sharing some fun experiences from my daughter during her trip to New York City.

Here in Utah we have what is called UEA or Utah Educators Association where all the teachers in the state get together for training, etc.  This results in the schools being closed and families taking their last family get away before the holidays.  I've been corrected.  It's no longer called UEA weekend - it's now just called Fall Break.

So last year, during Fall Break, my daughter and wife went off to New York.  Flying to the east coast from the mountain west, they took a red eye flight, or as jetBlue calls it - Shut Eye flight.

After arriving, they went to see the Statue of Liberty.  What did they think?  They both said, "it's not as big as I thought it was."

After a full day of sight seeing they went to see the main attraction of their trip, the musical Wicked.  Through the trip they saw Wicked, How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, Mary Poppins and others.  It turned out to be a trip of a lifetime.  With five shows and a down to the miute itenarary that allowed for six hours of sleep, they were happy to be home and sleeping on their own mattresses.


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