Online Marketing Has Made Me An International Star

I started doing serious online marketing back in 2009, right after I launched my website.Being among those who knew next to nothing about marketing on the internet I read and studied everything I could.

From that study and the nature of my practice content marketing seemed the way to go.  I typically see ten different conditions.  So I created ten different frequently asked questions videos for each of those ten conditions.  So, if you're playing at home you'll realize that that is one hundred videos.  I then launched those videos onto about twenty different video sharing sites.

I've combined that with article writing, blog posts, podcasts and have done fairly well with it.

The funny part of this came about a year ago when I was walking through my local Wal Mart.  As I was walking a gentleman with an obvious German accent stopped me and asked, "Are you Dr Ned?"  With a smile I said "yes."  This man goes on to tell me that he is here vacationing in Utah with his family and that he recognized me from my You Tube videos and that he had watched several of them.

So that is probably as close to being a film star as I'll ever be, but the point is online marketing works so much that a guy in Germany had seen my videos. I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.




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