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Have you or someone you care about been in an Orem Auto Accident? I sincerely hope not, but if you have let me provide some information that will help you avoid further injury and costs, if this happens again. Orem Auto Accident

I have written many times on car accidents, the injuries that one can experience and how chiropractic is, in most instances, the very best treatment for those injuries. Today I wish to write about an article I read entitled:  Seat belt use to save face: impact on drivers' body region and nature of injury in motor vehicle crashes. 

The authors of this article state clearly that seat belts save lives and they reduce injuries for those involved in car accidents. However, they state that in some instances seat belts have been a life saver but have also contributed to other injuries. The purpose of their study was to find out what the effects of seat belt use is and to find out if there was any association between seat belt use and other injuries.

To discover any association they linked crash reports with records of those being discharged from the hospital and diagnosis codes. They looked at accidents between 2006 and 2011 and there were a total of ten thousand four hundred and seventy nine drivers that were included in this study.

Here's what they found: seat belt use significantly reduced traumatic brain injury. Ten percent of those who were included in this study and did not wear their seat belt experienced a traumatic brain injury, while only four percent of those who did wear their seat belt experienced the same traumatic brain injuries.

They also found that those who did not wear their seat belt experienced more head and face injuries. Those who wore their seat belt experienced a head or face injury almost seventeen percent of the time, those who did not wear their seat belt had head and face injuries in just over twenty nine percent of the cases. If you think about what happens in an Orem auto accident and your body is unrestrained, I think an increase in these injuries will make perfect sense to you.

Here's something that may be a surprise to you. Those who did wear their seat belt experienced greater spine injuries, thirty five percent of the cases, while those who did not wear their seat belt only experienced spine injury in just under eighteen percent of the cases.

While those who wore their seat belts did have more spine injuries the severity of those injuries was decreased. As an example the cases in which the drivers wore their seat belts experienced fractures in only four percent of the time, while those who did not had fractures in twenty two percent of the cases.

Finally, here's where the rubber meets the road: those didn't wear their seat belt had an average cost per case of twenty six thousand three hundred fifty two dollars. Those who did averaged one thousand eight hundred ninety seven dollars, even though this group did have a high rate of sprains and strains due to wearing their seat belt.

You probably already do wear your seat belt so just keep doing it. It will save you in many ways.


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