Orem Bed Wetting Solutions

Many people put chiropractors and chiropractic treatment in the back and neck pain box. Another condition that I'm actually really good at is Orem bed wetting solutions.orem bed wetting solutions Having read that you may be thinking, how does a chiropractor who works with backs, necks, bones and muscles help someone who has a bed wetting problem?

To answer that let me tell you about an article I read today. It's titled Children with nocturnal enuresis have posture and balance disorders.

What they found was that kids who were bed wetters showed forward tilt of the pelvis and had worse balance compared with kids who were not bed wetters.

So what that means is that kids who have posture and balance problems are more likely to have a bed wetting problem.

So the next question to answer is, does correcting posture and balance problems lead to improvements in bed wetting?


Posture imbalances affect balance, the cerebellum, the vestibular system and other areas of the brain such that brain's ability to control the bladder is reduced.

So by correcting posture and balance problems the brain's ability to control when the bladder empties is improved and bed wetting goes away.

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