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Do kids need Orem Chiropractic?  Is there research that support chiropractic care for kids? How do you know if your child needs chiropractic care?orem chiropractic for kids I won't answer that question directly, but I will provide you with information that will allow you to make informed health care choices for your family.

A Scottish medical doctor names Francis Smith performed MRI studies on the spines of 154 ten year old kids.

He was looking for kids with spinal stenosis to identify correlating factors.

He was NOT looking for degenerative changes in the spines of the kids.

As you can guess he found that 14 of the 154 kids or 9% of the ten year old kids had spinal degeneration and no symptoms. 

Combine that with a study published in 2015 showing that 37% of 20 year-olds had spinal degeneration and no symptoms.

Why were all these young people a breeding ground for spinal degeneration?

Another study from 2004 evaluated what happens when segments of vertebrae were purposely prevented from moving normally.  In this study they found areas of the spine that were prevented form moving developed degeneration much quicker.

Increased screen time, whether it be computer screens, TV screens or mobile device screens, results in this same phenomenon where segments of the spine don't move the way they should and degeneration results.

We also know that chiropractic care can fix and prevent this situation from happening and will result in increased motion, improved posture which prevent degeneration of the spine.

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